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September 06, 2008


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why not just use a regular digital camera to take videos? Most digital point and shooters have video taping ability.

Simon Cornwell

Because Ben, most digital P&S cameras have absolutely appalling sound quality.


and because cameras look like cameras. the z16 looks like a phone and nobody knows you're filming.

cheap camcorder

Hmm sounds like we will need to wait till the kodak update is out, 2nd generation. Everything else sounds spot on. I can emagine being at a beach and trying to catch that majical momant then you find yourself missing it because you cant see the screen. Im sure they will take this on board and get it sorted for the later model


Bought the kodak for use in our special needs school. Took it away on a sking trip to Switzerland last week and found it really easy to use. Have managed to import stills to be used in our art department. Really easy to use nice and light. Which is what we need in our school.

3ccd Camcorder

This could be a great post. I like to read this kind of post. I wanted to have more ideas when it comes to 3ccd Camcorder and other camcorders too. I found some ideas here http://3ccd-camcorder.net but I need more ideas. Aside from Kodak camcorder, did you have an idea on 3ccd camcorder? Is this the same feature with your kodak camcorder? Hope to hear from you regarding on this. Thanks for sharing this post.

Rodney Bracey

Wonder when the second generation will come out.

Helen Motta

The Zi6 flip out USB does not work with all desktop computers because of the arrangement of the USB ports. I wish I had known this before I bought it. In order to connect the USB to my Dell computer I would have to remove the monitor. Kodak's solution to this problem is a USB to USB extension cable which sells for 9.99 + 6.50 shipping and handling and appears to only be available online.


I purchased the Kodak Z16 pocket video camera and I have had no problems in filming. However the problem occurs when I try to upload the videos onto my computer. They upload, but the software that comes with it is called "Media Impression for Kodak" and when I watch back the videos, everyone's mouths are completely out of time with the footage! And also when I try to import the videos onto windows movie maker, it doesn't work. The films I shoot are saved as a MOV file, does anyone know if I can convert to an MPG file? If not then does anyone know how I can make it compatible with windows movie maker?


There is a very easy to use program called Pazera Free Mov to AVI Converter that you can get from Cnet; here is the link:

flood insurance man

You really can not go wrong. These things are so cool and now everyone can capture that special unexpected moment!


You think the picture is good and the video is nice, yes, just wait to upload, the software is so lame, try to make a DVD an error will come all the time after waiting an eternity....make a movie and play it (preview) sounds nice, save it and click on easy archive, wait an eternity again, burn on the cd-dvd or whatever you have, then play it, Bum ! sounds just bad, image sometimes freeze. So sad I can't rescue such nice moments a recorded. Please Kodak update/change the software !!


I know this post is about the Kodak Z16 Pocket Video Camera which by the way I have and just love, but regarding output formats the best way to convert from Kodak's .MOV format to the improved compressing of .AVI is to use Microsoft's free Live Movie Maker. The editing capability is fantastic and provides numerous output formats and direct upload of your finished video to YouTube or other service. Here is a link to the software: http://download.live.com/moviemaker

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