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October 09, 2007


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Many thanks for the review! I really appreciate the video clips which compare the results of the two camcorders: pictures are really worth thousands of words! It would seem that this is yet another instance where Sony has tried to create an intriguing product but is simply outgunned by the competition!

Camcorder Expert

Nice post, I also found that there are other affordable digital camcorders that are portable and perfect for YouTube videos other than Sony. Jazz, RCA, and Aiptek all offer low priced but high quality digital camcorders that are worth checking out!

Kim Dion

I was asking some of my chat buddies which video camera or cam they recommend and they mentioned the flip. After some research I found a review that talked about the flip and then mentioned the Sony as a more upgraded cam. Best Buy does not carry the Sony in this model. Wall Mart has the flip but you can only order it online. The flip goes for about $144 however there is a comparable for the same amount of money, Agfa photo digital cam, that plays games and MP3's, 5MP, and shots 640 x 480 3o fps. I am going to grab that one and come back here to give me reviews. I am concerned about sound quality and resolution.
I found the review very helpful..

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